Friday, February 25, 2011


As I was recently browsing the Internet, I came across the latest fashion ideas and colors for the upcoming spring season.  Much to my surprise, the hot color for this spring is bright orange.  Now a couple of weeks ago, before I viewed any of these articles,  I decided to display the store with what I thought was the best bright orange pieces Uptown Attic had to offer.  Not for a particular reason, except that I thought the color was great.  Why should this color be saved for the fall season?  So, how surprised was I to see that, after reading the articles, I really am onto something!  Here are some shots of my displays of bright orange for the spring season.  After all of this drab weather, put on springs new "cheer-you-up" color!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Never worn. Only $89.00
I attended a wonderful event at New Paltz High School this evening called "Coffee House".  This is where some very talented students get the privilege to show off their superb talents in playing a musical instrument, singing or whatever they fancy.  The cafeteria was staged in a relaxed setting and we enjoyed some amazing music!  Some of which I'm sure is to be famous one day.  I did however, pass a sign that said "Snowball Dance" March 4th.  I then realized that I better get the news out quickly!   Prom season is fast approaching and Uptown Attic is now accepting prom and/or dance dresses.  Please remember that your previously loved dresses must be cleaned and in perfect condition to be taken on consignment.  It's time to pass those high school memories along.....  :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Welcome to the very first post of  "Uptown Updates".  The intention of these posts is to keep both the consignors and customers updated to the current happenings at Uptown Attic.  Whether we have a special event, current sales, unique items that have newly arrived or anything worthy of a post, will be posted.  I am excited about this addition to my newly updated website (Thanks to Mike Rice of Net Prophet Web Design). My hopes are that you too will find it fun and informative.