Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Prom season 2011

This was our 3rd prom season at Uptown Attic and I found that with each year our prom dress sales increase.  Which, I guess, makes good sense.  Definitely "good sense" for our prom customers.  Year after year, I find that more girls are realizing the value of purchasing a gown from a consignment shop.  Value in the way that they will be wearing a stunning gown that no one else will have on, something so unique and high-end another girl could not possibly afford and, not to mention, a price that makes Mom and Dad smile.  With this they can still afford to have their manis & pedis, up-dos and some extra cash in their purses for that special night.  As a store owner, I am thrilled when a girl finds a gown she is so excited about and then fits her like a glove.  I get excited right along with her and feel proud to have played a small part in a big memory. Congratulations to all my "Prom Queens"!  Here's looking forward to season 4!!